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“That’s Just Not Me” September 12, 2009

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I have such a passion for the deep worship! Often times I have heard people use this quote when talking about why they don’t worship a certain way…”that’s just not my personality”. I am learning more and more that that’s a cop out!!

In talking to a friend yesterday about worship we discussed how we try to FIT God into our personality. If what He desires for us doesn’t quite fit our personality we push it away. WE should be a reflection of who HE is not the other way around.  Within the past year, we have had a couple of very precious ladies come to our church. They were raised in a certain environment and did not understand our way of worship. One of them was telling me the other day, “I’m getting there”, as she is learning to just worship her KING!  I am so glad that even she did not try to fit God into how she was raised.

Psalm 47 …”Clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.”


What Are You Giving? May 20, 2009

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I once heard a quote that went something like this….”Give God your best, not the rest.”

When applying this to our lives. I think about how busy so many of us are. Get up, get kids ready, take to school, go to work, come home, make dinner, feed family, homework, baths and then bed time! And then we find ourselves wondering where our time went!

We’re involved in sports, school activities, gymnastics, swim team, committees, plays, etc. Am I making you tired?

Sometimes I wonder how God must feel in trying to “fit” in with our busy lives and schedules. I remember that song sung by Larnelle Harris….”I Miss My Time With You”. So true. So often we come dragging in to church unmotivated, unmoved, no passion, no joy, no energy… Even our daily lives (because our walk with God is not defined by just “church”) reflect that the busyness takes precedence over our time with Him.

Now…don’t get me wrong…I definitely do not believe that you have to pray an hour a day on your knees or read your Bible for two hours a day to get that time in. Condemnation is NOT from God. I do, however, believe that in everything we do that it should give glory to God. We were created to worship HIM! He doesn’t deserve the rest of us….He doesn’t deserve just what’s left over at the end of the day.

He just loves when we… think on Him…live our lives through whatever we do…talk to Him throughout the day…are a light to those in darkness…look for opportunities throughout the day to minister to hurting people…let His Word come alive in us…spread the joy unspeakable that only comes from Him…witness what He is to us…and we can do these things no matter what we are involved in! That’s the great thing about living for God!

Matthew 6:33 admonishes us to….Seek Him first and then everything else will be added! I believe God wants us to take inventory of our lives…what are we giving to Him? Are we giving Him leftovers? Are we giving Him stale  bread or are we giving Him fresh, hot, soft, sourdough rolls right out of the oven?

Give God your BEST, not the rest!


Who Are You Fighting? May 14, 2009

couple-fighting2Have you ever thought….

“Why does it feel like I’m fighting people?”  I have so felt that way over the last week.  I have asked myself just very recently why am I fighting people even in our attempt to stand for what is just right!!!

The Word is very clear in Ephesians 6:12.. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]”.

I am realizing more and more as we pastor longer and longer that when people are carnal and their spirit is not right, you will feel  opposition.  Opposition to speaking truth in love, guidance, encouragment, leading, prayer and everything else.

In the book of Titus, Paul gives instructions that sometimes encouragement is not always kind words.  Encouragement can be difficult because it’s challenging people to get right.  Sometimes I have to “ENCOURAGE” my children to clean their room, have a better attitude, obey their parents, etc….(I think you get it.)  It is our responsibility as the body of Christ to speak the truth in love.  But sometimes we look like the bad people.  It is a risk that we have to take.


That’s when it feels like we are fighting people when actually we are fighting spirits.  Flesh doesn’t want to do right or admit its faults.  That’s when we have to use discernment and turn to prayer.  Not getting weary in well doing.  Being steadfast and unmovable!!!!

We have to stay focused!  We can’t make people live right or do right; we can only challenge them.  It is ultimately their decision.  Keep praying, keep believing, keep fasting, keep encouraging, keep standing up!  Realize who you are REALLY fighting!!!!

For the weapons of our warfare [are] not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;….2 Corinthians 10:4

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It’s JUST a Scratch!!! April 7, 2009

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Yesterday, as I was driving to Jackson, Mississippi to be with my family for Spring break, my husband and I had such a God thought strike us. Or maybe it was just that it struck me! LOL!

A lady in our church had spoken to me about a TEXT someone accidentally  sent that really hurt her. There were no malicious words, just an invite to breakfast that was meant for someone else, not the one who received it.  (You know more and more I get tickled at how people hide behind e-mails and texting.  They will say things they would NEVER say to your face.  Okay, that’s another story for another day. LOL!)

I told this lady to LET IT GO. A text? As Kevin and I were discussing this he relayed it to an everyday situation. Our daughter, Mallori, who is 13 is a DRAMA QUEEN. Very talented and used by God but still just 13. When she gets hurt everyone in the city will know it. She acts like she is dying and will for a while. As you get older, when you get hurt you learn to control yourself. 🙂

Following that thought….little children will come up to me at school and say….”Mrs. Tricia look”….with a very distressed look on their face….”I need a bandaid”….I will look down and there is the most tiny scratch! “Where is it?”…I will ask because I may not even see it. They may even be crying. Because they are babies that scratch is huge to them but to an adult, most the time, we can’t even see it and sometimes we’ll say…”Oh, you’ll be okay, go play.”

For the spiritual application! When we grow in God there are times when situations SHOULD be a little tiny scratch that we don’t even notice. He wants us to trust so much in Him that when the enemy, or life, throws stuff at us, we will say, “what scratch?” “I don’t even see it!” “I’m gonna go back and play.”

Jesus came so that we could have abundant life but sometimes we are so distracted by tiny, little, stupid scratches!!!!  What are you dealing with today? Is it a scratch? If so, just get up and go play!!!


Eagle! March 11, 2009

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Okay….nothing truly profound today. Just want to share a testimony!!!! I just love when God sends things to remind us of His awesomeness! (is that a word?)

Here goes….I help with recess at our school. Fortunately last week was great weather and we were able to go outside. As I was watching the children I was talking to my Maker and just laying my heart open to Him! There are times when I just need reassurance!! To know that our lives are in His hands…..that we are in His will…..that He knows right where we are!!

Here’s the fabulous part!!!! ….”They shall mount up with wings as Eagles”…. If you have ever studied eagles you know that they are truly fascinating! There is a reason that God uses creation to help us in our spiritual walk with Him.

As we were walking in, someone noticed a huge bird flying over us. The other recess lady (who loves creation 🙂  ) said……”Oh My Goodness!!! That is an eagle. I can’t believe there is an eagle in this area. That is soooooo rare!”

I had just heard a speaker make referance to the eagle and now I’ve seen one flying over me??? Okay, that’s not all! My husband comes home that day and I tell him about my experience. He proceeds to tell me that on his way home he notices someone’s car tag that was spelled…..EEGLE. hahahah….LOL! Coincidence? I choose NOT to think so! God knows where we are no matter what the situation is and He loves to give us reminders and signs!

The important thing is to listen and slow down enough to see and hear them!


Live Your Dream February 23, 2009

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I was listening to one of my favorite preachers this morning! (It wasn’t my husband this time!) He was talking about the 6 steps to your dream. One of the comments that he made was that there are times in your journey towards your dream that “Your word doesn’t match your world.”

I know the dreams that God has given us personally. However, over the past three years we have had setbacks, pits and struggles! Right now, our word doesn’t match our world! BUT GOD!!! God has a plan just like he did with Joseph! We have got to believe that our dream will come to pass if we keep doing what we KNOW to do. We can’t give up, look back or back down! Keep speaking that word that God has given and working towards your dream.

Live it! Act like that dream has come to fruition! Walk in that dream. Faith is the UNSEEN! What is your UNSEEN? Nothing can take that dream from you….negative people, doubt, frustration, circumstances! Keep the dream alive!!!!


Be encouraged! January 27, 2009

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I love to read quotes! The other day I read a quote of Elizabeth Harrison who said…”Those who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize.”

So true! It is always easier, in our flesh, to criticize others. What God wants us to do is to encourage one another.

1 Thess. 4:18…”Therefore encourage each other with these words.”

1 Thess. 5:11…”Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Paul was admonishing the church of Thessalonica to encourage one another and build one another up. That church had suffered much persecution. However, they chose to be encouraged and to encourage one another. Their faith was strong.

I like to be challenged in my spirit and I also challenge others that instead of pointing out the faults of others, try to encourage that person and see what happens. Write a card, send an e-mail, make a phone call and encourage your leaders! It will make a difference and will lift up this world!