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“A New Book” April 17, 2010

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Okay….so I have decided I’m going to blog a little about what we are going through….days in the life of the Edwards.

Just recently, we have been “slapped” with a lawsuit because a former member in our church isn’t very happy that our church voted to merge with another church (even though we had a vote and it was unanimous). Call it control, call it CRAZY! Never mind that this verse is REALLY in the Bible…..

I Corinthians 6:1-8

And how dare you take each other to court! When you think you have been wronged, does it make any sense to go before a court that knows nothing of God’s ways instead of a family of Christians? The day is coming when the world is going to stand before a jury made up of followers of Jesus. If someday you are going to rule on the world’s fate, wouldn’t it be a good idea to practice on some of these smaller cases? Why, we’re even going to judge angels! So why not these everyday affairs? As these disagreements and wrongs surface, why would you ever entrust them to the judgment of people you don’t trust in any other way?

5-6I say this as bluntly as I can to wake you up to the stupidity of what you’re doing. Is it possible that there isn’t one levelheaded person among you who can make fair decisions when disagreements and disputes come up? I don’t believe it. And here you are taking each other to court before people who don’t even believe in God! How can they render justice if they don’t believe in the God of justice?

7-8These court cases are an ugly blot on your community. Wouldn’t it be far better to just take it, to let yourselves be wronged and forget it? All you’re doing is providing fuel for more wrong, more injustice, bringing more hurt to the people of your own spiritual family.

Why wouldn’t God want churches to come TOGETHER? You can read about this in an earlier blog. Hmmmmm….seems a little odd to me but hey, so is it in the life of “church” people. We tried to contact this person numerous times to talk about this and work out what the struggle was to no avail. What is very odd is that this person was totally “on board” in the beginning.   It’s a great church and we continue to see God’s blessing!!!!!

Well….now this person is suing us (my husband, the pastor), my sister, whom volunteered her time to record tithing and offering and take to the bank, AND suing me because I led worship every week.

Anyway….so this week a lot of things have transpired. We had a contract on the parsonage and a contract on a house that we were hoping to purchase (the parsonage is not enough room for our family of five and we have been cramped for 4 years). However, we have been very grateful for everything that God has blessed us with!

So I am explaining to my 14-year-old daughter that we have now lost the contract on the parsonage and the house we wanted to purchase because of this law suit. She starts crying and says “I hope they are happy”. We have explained to her what was going on so that she understands everything, well most everything.  Some things she is better off not knowing.  In that very moment I thought….aha…teaching moment (when really what my flesh wanted to do was open up a can of worms on somebody)!!!

First of all, I explained that a house is just a house. I started driving home the importance of her prayers! I explained that God hears her prayers as much as any adult’s prayers. I also talked to her about our faith…that even when things look very bleak God knows EVERYTHING and that when a door closes He ALWAYS opens another door. He knows the perfect situation and the perfect house and has perfect timing!!! I quoted the scripture referencing that God knows the desire of our hearts. I asked her what her desires were….she told me. Right then we prayed together that first of all God would touch her daddy’s mind and give him clarity and peace through all this muck that the enemy is trying to throw. Then we prayed for the people who are suing us that God would do a work in their life and then we prayed for our attorney and the judge that God would lead all of us in His ways and direct our steps as we endeavor to do His will….not people’s will! Thank you, Father for the faith of a 14 year old to strengthen me in that hour!

Every day I realize more and more that the things we get frustrated with, the things we worry over, and the things we wish were reality are just that…things! Our only heart’s desire is that whatever we do and whatever we say and the condition of our heart is pleasing to God.  No matter what we face in this crazy situation, we are 100% confident that God will receive the glory.  This doesn’t mean that everything in our lives will always go our way. It just means that God knows best.

I told Kevin that maybe we are going through this so that one day we can write a book? Hmmmm… just never know. We know we are in “training” for something bigger.  The thing that came to my mind yesterday through all my crying before the Lord was that Paul said he “gloried in all his afflictions”.  What we are going through is a walk in the park compared to what others have faced.

One day you may read about it! : )

Be blessed!


“I Am” April 14, 2010

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I am reading another book that we recently bought at a Catalyst Conference that we went to at Willowcreek. It is called “The Christian Atheist”. So far I can hardly put it down. It so describes so many of us and it is certainly challenging me to not just believe in God but to live like it more than ever!

The one part of this book that has just made a huge impact on me so far (not to mention a ton of other parts that have done the same : ) is in the chapter called….”When You Believe in God but Don’t Really Know Him”.  Psalm 9:10 is referenced…”Those who know your name will trust in you.”

Pastor Craig Groeschel asks the question….”What do you call God?” The way you address him or refer to him just might reveal the depth of your intimacy. Or lack of it.

I have grown up calling God…God, Jesus, Lord (and a myriad of other names). In the book it talks about how we know when people REALLY know us. When we get those calls from a credit company wanting us to open up an account they may mis-pronounce your name or call you Mrs. So and So. You know right away that they don’t know you or anything about you.  There are many people in my life that call me different things. There are people who call me Mrs. Tricia because they are my students at school and they know me a little. There are also people who call me Tricia because they are my friends. There are people who call me Trix, sister momma girlfriend, chicka, etc. because they may be my very close friends or my sisters. Then…there is my husband who will call me baby or some other endearing name that I love to hear and my children who call me mommy or mom (which I don’t like as much as mommy).

Just in the last 10 or 15 years have started to calling God, my FATHER and truly began to understand what that means. I think that in the past and when I grew up (in the church) I thought that was kind of corny for some reason. (Just being honest and transparent) Wow! Was I wrong. I believe what you call God really kind of tells the history of what your relationship has been with Him.

There is a sentence in this chapter that just sums it up for me…..”If you know God, you are likely to be far more specific with him, and the words you use will reflect your accurate understanding of Him.” I love that!!!! There have been times in my life that I have called Him my rock because He was strong when the winds of trouble came blowing….there were other times when I called Him my Comforter because He comforted me through some difficult moments, other times when I called Him my healer because he healed the broken heart when I was hurt, and yet other times when I’ve called Him my Provider because when it seemed like all hope was gone He came through and provided everything I needed!

He truly is my everything but most of all He is my FATHER! What do you call Him?