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Ramblings…… February 9, 2010

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I’M BACK! At least for today! It has been basketball season around here and since my youngest daughter played and my oldest daughter cheered we have been pretty busy. I had a few moments before we head somewhere else tonight and thought I would relay what has been on my heart and mind.

At the end of November Kevin & I took a huge step and merged with another church in this area. It was a huge step for us because we gave up a lot but then again we have gained a lot. Over and over in the Bible I see where when God spoke to his leaders to do something it was usually for benefiting His people, not just the leader. The thought that kept coming to me was this…“Why is it more normal in our society that churches start out of disagreement and not churches coming together because of agreement?” I would really like to know the statistics of how many churches have started because a group of people didn’t like something (usually something that didn’t amount to a hill of beans) and so they went down the road and started their own church! So….if you can give me that, please let me know. : )

I may be weird but did God really mean for this nation to be so “churched?”. I guess what I mean by that is the walls of denomination. I just don’t see as an example in the Bible where there was a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Corinthian church. Now I don’t pretend to even be a Bible scholar but I do love to read it! I don’t know about your city but ours has a church on every corner. So if you decide you don’t like that a picture was taken down you can just skip on over to the next church for a while. Okay…off of that soap box!

We have had church members that went with what we felt God was doing and they have been so blessed and are happy! Then on the other hand….well….there are some that are mad! I’d say characters traits such as jealousy, control or fear have driven most of these people. There were some that just didn’t think the new church was for them and we parted ways with love and understanding. Our prayer for them is that they are also blessed and happy and that God’s Will be done in their lives in this new season. We have always been the type of people who are not threatened when people disagree as long as we display God’s character through it all. Of course, I am sooooo thankful that God put that little scripture in the Word that says…Be angry and sin not! LOL! It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to be frustrated, it’s okay to disagree….BUT…the bottom line is that we are always to love, encourage and lift up as God commands us to do.

I was speaking with a first time church guest just the other day who was telling me that he had tried different churches because the last two churches he had gone to had major problems and ended up splitting. It really saddened me. What has happened and why can’t people just realize that church is not all about them? When it becomes about us then we are headed for trouble.

A saint once told me that it wasn’t “deep” enough for them in certain churches.  REALLY? You mean to tell me that your depth in Christ comes from an 1 1/2 hour service on Sunday??? WOW! You are in trouble sista/brotha! Our depth and relationship with Christ comes from our personal times with Him…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday! In my view, Sunday go-to-meetin’ is a time that we all come together to celebrate Him! To be challenged in our walk and  motivated to go out and be a light to reach souls! Being a soul-winner doesn’t entirely mean that you have to wait to bring them to a service on Sunday morning. We need to be going OUT! GO ye therefore…..

You know what I think? Well I’m gonna tell you whether you wanna know or not….I think we waste so much time stewing over who is teaching, who is making decisions, who is singing, who is playing, who redecorated the fellowship hall and who didn’t that got mad, who moved a chair, whether southern gospel or black gospel is sung….on and on!

I believe we are living in the end times and there are people out there that have REAL issues and we need to be a light to them. And like one of our leaders spoke recently…go public with our faith! Live it! God help us to get our focus on YOU!

Okay…you can’t blame me…I haven’t written in a while so this is a lengthy on but one I hope that challenges your spirit! Get out there and be the light!


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